Important Note (6/8/2019): Scrip is currently on hold and no orders will be accepted at this time. More information will be available in Fall 2019.


What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraising program that allows House of Dreams to earn money through supporters’ purchases of gift cards/certificates from local retailers.

How does it work?

Supporters purchase gift cards through Scrip, and a percentage of each purchased gift card goes directly to House of Dreams. Percentages are listed on the order form. Gift cards are available for grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, entertainment, and more. Some gift cards are offered at below face value, so supporters actually save money while also helping House of Dreams.

The money that House of Dreams receives is from the retailers, not you, so you pay no extra money to help out. Perfect solution for holiday and birthday gifts, and helping cats! Scrip orders are processed in cycles, so there is a “due date” each month.

How to order Scrip?

  • Download a Scrip order form. NOTE: As Scrip is currently on hold, there is no available order form. Please check back in Fall 2019.
  • Print the form, fill it out, and total the dollar amount (bottom right of form).
  • Write a check to “House of Dreams” for that total amount. Note “Scrip” on memo line.
  • Mail the completed form and check by the due date to:

​              House of Dreams
              P.O. Box 30971
              Portland, OR 97294

  • Wait for your gift cards to arrive in the mail, about 8-10 days after the due date. Enjoy!

When are the due dates?

  • NOTE: There are currently no due dates, as Scrip is on hold. Check back in Fall 2019 for an update.

What happens if my order form is mailed after the due date?

If an order is received after the closest due date, your order will be processed during the next month’s cycle. You’ll still receive your gift cards and help House of Dreams, just not as soon.